Ena Oppenheimer - FM Receiver, Digital FX
Mark Polscher - Soprano Saxophone

08.02.2024, 7.00 pm
Seestraße 13
80802 Munich


Ena Oppenheimer - FM Receiver, Digital FX
Mark Polscher - Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Tapes

16.06.2023, 6.00 pm
Archiv Geiger
Muttenthalerstr. 26
81477 Munich


For this purpose, we have exposed human mesenchymal stem cells isolated from a microfractured adipose tissue obtained with a novel non-enzymatic method to the heart sound melody obtained by Ena Oppenheimer. The sound vibration has been delivered at 0.9 g by a custom-designed mechanical transducer, producing a very linear output in the range between 20 and 20000 Hz. To receive the vibration, the cell culture dishes were placed onto a specially designed plate adapted to the transducer. 135 x 120 x 200 cm, pine.


The artist studied philosophy in Heidelberg and at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart with Heinz Edelmann and Niklaus Troxler. Her works in painting arise from the examination of scientific theories, mainly from biophysics. In her installations, she explores the intangible nature of the objects she uses, thus giving fictional gestalt to this material.


The composer and multi-instrumentalist studied with Joe Mubare and Karlheinz Stockhausen. His catalog of works includes orchestral and choral works, music theater and chamber music as well as purely electronic works and sound installations. Through his many years of theater work, including as a director, many of his pieces are conceived as scenic music with electroacoustic performance practice.

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